Indianapolis Recap: Tuesday!

So Kaelah and I are back from our little midweek girls' trip, and I thought it'd be fun to share a little bit of what we did! You may have already read her Things I Love Thursday post where she shared what we did Tuesday night, but I'll share my side too :)

First, a quick recap of Monday. We got in Monday afternoon, with perfect timing too! We pulled into the hotel parking lot within five minutes of each other, checked in, and headed to our room. We hauled our stuff to our room, and headed to the closest restaurant possible (Cracker Barrel, my first time!!). We ended the night at a little dive bar recommended to us by one of Kaelah's friends in Broad Ripple, where we downed a few New Old Ladies and chatted about everything possible. More on that later :)

Tuesday we headed back to Broad Ripple for a late breakfast, and ended up at 3 Sisters Cafe.
We both had Vanilla Bean French Toast and hash browns. So so good. After breakfast we checked out a handful of local boutiques and tried on some adorable dresses.
We headed downtown in hopes of trying Circle City Sweets (someone recommended the macaroons, and since I've never had one we knew we had to give it a shot!). Unfortunately, sommmmmeone (me) can't read a map and we walked right past it (a couple times), and by that time it was closed. No macaroons for me :( We hopped back in my car and decided to find a tattoo parlor...
Kaelah googled local shops and we planned on going down the line to check them all out. We had popped into one in Broad Ripple earlier but they didn't do the type of tattoo we were looking for. Lo and behold, the first shop we checked out was absolutely perfect!
We ended up at Irish Ink, and talked to Ben McQueen about our idea. He was into it, and had time to squeeze us in, so we left to give him some time to draw up our idea. 

I was super nervous beforehand, I haven't been tattooed in a few years and was nervous I picked a painful area. But as soon as he started, I was totally fine. It was over pretty quick, and then Kaelah was up. 
Remember when I said that Monday night we ended up at a little dive bar drinking New Old Ladies? We were drinking our cocktails and mulling over tattoo ideas. We've known for quite a while that we wanted to get matching bestie tattoos, but the perfect idea never appeared. We knew we wanted it to be kinda silly, but meaningful to us, but we just couldn't decide. Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb went off. We came up with this idea, sailor girls with "New Old Lady" written underneath it. It's so perfect, exactly the style we wanted and it ties into something we always do together :) I hope that doesn't make us sound like lushes, haha.

We headed from the tattoo shop to the Indiana State Fair, ate some crappy fried food, saw a bunch of cows, and had a blast. We we're exhausted, so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Tuesday was pretty packed full of fun, and I couldn't be happier with our bestie tattoos! I'll be back soon with Wednesday :)
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  1. This is so amazing, can I move to USA and be best friends with you both?! xxx

  2. LOLOLOLOL what a terribly unfortunate face i'm making in the brunch photo! LOVE U MISS U BIG~!~

    also - get rid of that daggum captcha! i've officially tried (and failed, horribly) to post this like fifteen times haha

  3. Love the tattoos, super cute! (I totally hear ya, Kaelah, about the captchas! There's something up with them lately... I've been having bad luck with them too!)

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! How have you never been to cracker barrel before!? I love that place! I hope you liked it, at least. ;D

    And your dress + tattoos are gorgeous! <3 I'm glad you two had such a fun weekend!

  5. I LOVE 3 Sisters! I need to get some friends together for brunch there soon. Everything is so delicious.

  6. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Your matching tattoos are adorable also! I'm going to have to try a new old lady drink! I've never had one! =P

  7. Love the tattoos, they're pretty freakin' rad. :) This girls trip sounds like it was a blast! I'm glad y'all had fun. After reading your posts, I'm so in need of a road trip now haha.

  8. Love Indy. Went to college just north (Ball State) and grad school just south (IU) then lived and worked downtown and on Mass Ave. for a few years. If I ever leave Austin, I'm headed back to Indy. :-)

  9. Love Love Love. You and your bestie have the bestest styles. Adorbs. 'New Old Ladies' genius & so fun!

  10. i'm LOVING the new tattoo. its adorable :)


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