What I wore: MORE PANTS!

 Pants: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Tank/tee/cardigan/slippers: Target

Jeans was not feelin' this photoshoot, and he gave me a little nip to let me know he was over it, hence the sad face where I'm pointing out where he bit me... He's a butthead.

You guys, I'm really into wearing pants right now. Jess from The Doe or the Deer instagrammed a picture of herself wearing these pants a few weeks ago, and I've been on a mission to find them for myself ever since. I finally asked her where they were from... I made it to Kohl's the other day, which is a store I rarely ever go to... It's so damn overwhelming! So I walk in and have an "oh crap" moment when I realize I have no idea where to start looking, and then I look to my right and there they were! On a sale rack, no less! The original price was $60, I paid $24. That's still kinda pricey for me but I've been lusting over these pants like you wouldn't believe (plus I had Chris's Kohl's card...!!). Anyway. I love them. And my t-shirt is really old and has little holes so please don't judge me.

Also, don't judge me for this story, but see those slippers there? They're one of my most favorite possessions ever. Seriously. I bought my first pair before Christmas when they went on sale for $12 (regular price was $19.99, too much for me!). Bought 'em, loved 'em, wore 'em all the time. Then, when Kaelah and Mike were here.... Let's just say I had a tummyache after a fun night out and my slippers bore the brunt of it. They were ruined, and I wasn't about to go spend $20 to replace them. But then I found them on clearance the other day for $6! And, I bought a backup pair.... just in case!! :)

One of the things I'm trying to work on is getting more comfortable in front of the camera. I feel like I do a pretty good job posing and smiling, but I want to have more fun with it! I'm a pretty goofy lady, and I'm not quite sure you guys get the full scope of my silliness through my photos. So! I made a bunch of dumb faces for you :) I hope you enjoy them!
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  1. I love this outfit, and these photos! You look beautiful :)

  2. I love your cat! He's beautiful.. I have a blog list on my blog of all the regular ones I read and it makes it easier for me to see what/when people have updated, well. Yours today is obviously called more pants.. in England (where I'm from) that means underwear! so I had to check out what on Earth you were posting about and had a little giggle to myself. Kinda made my day, so thanks :) xx

  3. Well your just adorable. I love these pants they look so comfortable and Dangit I may have to mosey down to kohls myself. Also I have those shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!


  4. cute! you look beautiful! it's refreshing to see a style blogger looking silly and natural :)

  5. Love the photos of you and your kitty! So cute! :P

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. I love your outfits, especially because we appear to have the exact same body shape. And for the record, I happen to find those slippers to be amazing. <3

  7. I actually never owned a pair of trousers until this christmas and now i'm all about them. Dresses are still my one true love, but my knees are toasssty this winter!

  8. I always feel awkward in front of the camera, too. Especially when I'm do photos in the backyard and have to wonder if neighbors are watching/think I'm crazy. Haha. But until you said it in this post, I wouldn't have pegged you as uncomfortable in front of the camera - you always have such nice photos! :)

  9. i have the exact same slippers and secretly wear them out as shoes hehe

    lacey :)

  10. I have this same cardigan in a light lavender color. I like the combination of colors, you paired some colors I didn't think worked together but they do. Haha aww Jeans is so cute but being naughty I see with the bite. I love the face cats make when they get picked up, they just look so annoyed. I'm never comfortable in front of the camera either, I actually get really embarassed taking pictures if anyone else is around. I really like these pictures, you look adorable.


  11. I tried on those pants! I didn't care for them on me, but they look great on you!

    I am going to be sad when my mocs bite the dust. I only grabbed one pair & can't find anymore anywhere now :(

  12. You look fab!!! Also, your poor slippers! :(

    I love the "no kiss" move Jeans pulled. Our kitties do that often. ;)

    Also, YAY for pants! I love pants. :P

  13. I've been dying to get those slippers!I can never find them on sale though :c You love lovely in those pants! Great color!


  14. I looooovvee thoae slippers. I tried to talk myself into getting a pair like them at TJ Maxx but alas couldn't justify it.

    Great outfit post!

  15. 1. I love your little craft room. So cute. I wish, wish, wish, we had an extra bedroom!! 2. Love those pants. I, too, have a Kohl's gift card and I too get overwhelmed there so have not ventured over, but may go now. xoxo


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