Red, white, and mint.

// Skirt: thrifted // Top: Forever 21 // Belt: H&M // Shoes: Target // Rings: Forever 21 and Pitaya //

These pictures are from a few days ago. I haven't done too much this past week besides work, run errands, or work on Renegade stuff, so if I make it into jeans and a t-shirt I call the day a success. I did take some time out today to dye my hair, and once Chris got home we went out to get my nephew Emerson's first birthday present! He turns one on Tuesday, but his party is tomorrow. I'm super excited for it, but I'm having a hard time believing he's one already!

Renegade is officially in one week, and I'm feeling pretty good about it! Chris made my main display the other day, and other than the fact that we bought less-than-stellar wood that's a little crooked, they're absolutely perfect! I wanted to whip up a few more things, but I think I'm at a point where I'd be cool if I didn't finish anything else. I do have lots of ~finishing kind of stuff to do, like sewing, labeling, tagging, and finishing my sign. I'm getting excited though! My nerves are less "holy crap I'm gonna puke" now. Are any of you local friends planning on stopping by the show?


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My favorite corner.

So it's not really a corner, but I really like this little area. I've hung some of my favorite embroideries and a little wall art I made, and my collection of afghans is on our spare dining room chair below. (The blanket on the bottom was made by Chris's late grandma Ruth, and it's my favorite). The "unique and irreplaceable" wall art is a snippet of a quote from my favorite book of all time...

"The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being."
-Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

I officially have 11 days before Renegade, and last night I took an official count/inventory of my product to see where I'm at and how badly I need to panic. I have more than I thought I did, though I do wish I had a bunch more headbands made just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty pleased though, and it's giving me time to work on some of the extra stuff I wanted to do for the show. I still have a billion and one things to do, including making my displays and signage, sewing and labeling, tagging... I don't even want to type everything else because it's giving me heartburn. It's gonna be awesome, I know, but my goodness! It's a lot of work :) 


Garden Party.

Kaelah and I spent a little bit of time hitting the thrift shops when we were in Indianapolis. We stopped in one called Value Thrift (I think...) and poked around a little. I have been having the WORST luck with finding cute vintage dresses lately, so I didn't have much hope, but this little number jumped out at me. I picked it out and showed it to Kaelah, who loved it off the bat, but I was a little sketchy about it. The store we were at didn't have a fitting room, and I was nervous it wasn't going to fit. I have trouble with sleeves sometimes, my upper arms are a little bulky and unstretchy fabric can be troublesome. But the dress was only a couple dollars so I bought it anyway and figured I could sell it if it didn't fit. I came home from our trip and washed it with everything else in my suitcase, and promptly forgot about it. I saw it again today and tried it on, and good lord is it ever perfect! The perfect length, the perfect sleeves, pockets, the best floral pattern... I'm definitely swooning over this one!

 // Dress and Belt: Thrifted // Shoes: Gypsies c/o Blowfish //
Chris and I had a late dinner together at our favorite restaurant Smashburger, and then picked up The Hunger Games (and of course I got the special bonus pack with a mockingjay pendant!!). I haven't been this excited about buying a DVD, like, ever. We watched it while I crocheted a little before bed, and it was just as awesome as it was in the theater. I seriously love the movie, and it's making me want to read all the books again. Maybe after Renegade I'll finally find some time :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Indianapolis Recap: Tuesday!

So Kaelah and I are back from our little midweek girls' trip, and I thought it'd be fun to share a little bit of what we did! You may have already read her Things I Love Thursday post where she shared what we did Tuesday night, but I'll share my side too :)

First, a quick recap of Monday. We got in Monday afternoon, with perfect timing too! We pulled into the hotel parking lot within five minutes of each other, checked in, and headed to our room. We hauled our stuff to our room, and headed to the closest restaurant possible (Cracker Barrel, my first time!!). We ended the night at a little dive bar recommended to us by one of Kaelah's friends in Broad Ripple, where we downed a few New Old Ladies and chatted about everything possible. More on that later :)

Tuesday we headed back to Broad Ripple for a late breakfast, and ended up at 3 Sisters Cafe.
We both had Vanilla Bean French Toast and hash browns. So so good. After breakfast we checked out a handful of local boutiques and tried on some adorable dresses.
We headed downtown in hopes of trying Circle City Sweets (someone recommended the macaroons, and since I've never had one we knew we had to give it a shot!). Unfortunately, sommmmmeone (me) can't read a map and we walked right past it (a couple times), and by that time it was closed. No macaroons for me :( We hopped back in my car and decided to find a tattoo parlor...
Kaelah googled local shops and we planned on going down the line to check them all out. We had popped into one in Broad Ripple earlier but they didn't do the type of tattoo we were looking for. Lo and behold, the first shop we checked out was absolutely perfect!
We ended up at Irish Ink, and talked to Ben McQueen about our idea. He was into it, and had time to squeeze us in, so we left to give him some time to draw up our idea. 

I was super nervous beforehand, I haven't been tattooed in a few years and was nervous I picked a painful area. But as soon as he started, I was totally fine. It was over pretty quick, and then Kaelah was up. 
Remember when I said that Monday night we ended up at a little dive bar drinking New Old Ladies? We were drinking our cocktails and mulling over tattoo ideas. We've known for quite a while that we wanted to get matching bestie tattoos, but the perfect idea never appeared. We knew we wanted it to be kinda silly, but meaningful to us, but we just couldn't decide. Then, all of a sudden, a light bulb went off. We came up with this idea, sailor girls with "New Old Lady" written underneath it. It's so perfect, exactly the style we wanted and it ties into something we always do together :) I hope that doesn't make us sound like lushes, haha.

We headed from the tattoo shop to the Indiana State Fair, ate some crappy fried food, saw a bunch of cows, and had a blast. We we're exhausted, so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Tuesday was pretty packed full of fun, and I couldn't be happier with our bestie tattoos! I'll be back soon with Wednesday :)
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On the road.

Everything: Target

Today I'm headed out on a little midweek adventure to Indianapolis, the lovely Kaelah and I are spending a few days there as a little "girl's trip"! I'm so excited to be able to spend some one on one time with her, especially with all the exciting events coming up that we can chat about! We have some fun stuff planned while we're there, but we'd love to hear any suggestions you have if you're familiar with the area! 

Last night Chris and I went to dinner as a sort of ~goodbye date night. This new(er) bar and grill in town has $5 nights on Sundays and Wednesdays, every menu item is $5 (which is pretty damn fantastic!). Chris got ribs and I got coconut shrimp... I'm reminiscing too much about the food, ha! Before we got our meals we were chatting about me leaving on this little trip, and I- out of the blue, mind you- started crying because we haven't spend more than a night apart in the last three or four years. We tried to remember the last time we went on vacation without the other, and he thinks it was a spring break pretty early on in our relationship. I don't remember it though! Anyway, it was silly but I'm really gonna miss him these next few days! I know Kaelah and I are gonna have a blast, though :)

I'll be back soon with some snippets of our trip. I hope you're having a wonderful day!!
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New glasses!

Glasses: Coastal.com //  Shirt & Scarf: Thrifted // Pants: Kohl's // Shoes: Gypsies c/o Blowfish

I ordered new glasses a few days ago because I was fed up with the goofy ones I have. I have a normal pair of rectangular brown ones from when I got my eye exam, but they're men's glasses and are too big for my face. I also have two sort of wacky pairs from Coastal, but I was so fed up with goofy glasses I just had to get a more normal pair. And these aren't exactly normal, but they're a light brown and they're smaller than any of my other pairs. So! I'm happy. I had come home from work and they were waiting for me, so I threw on a wrinkled shirt and my fave cords and snapped a few photos. Chris was outside with me when I was taking these, and we tried to do a few jumping shots, but they were a miserable failure! Anyone have any tips??

Chris picked up a summer cold at work and passed it on to me (isn't that nice??), so I've been feeling like poop for the last couple of days. Yesterday was my day off and I was supposed to go into the city to visit my sister, but I kept falling asleep, and I didn't want to pass my bug on to my sister and nephew, so I opted to stay home. Good thing I did because I took like five naps, and stayed in my pajamas for the entire day. Chris brought me dinner and I felt a little better, so hopefully it's on its way out. I really hope so, because on Monday I'm driving out to Indianapolis for a little girl's trip with Kaelah for the better part of the week! I'm so excited to take a little break and hang out with her, and it's extra awesome because we've never had strictly girl time! All our visits have included the boys, I think we had maybe half a day one time where we went shopping by ourselves. But this is going to be awesome, we have so much to talk about, what with her wedding coming up and my Renegade plans... I can't wait!!
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Sunday wishes.

Yesterday was my dad's 50th birthday, and Chris and I met up with him and my little siblings for a quiet dinner celebration. He's not huge on birthdays, but I was excited for this one because I got him a really rad gift! After weeks of deliberation, I finally settled on getting him a Nook! My dad reads like crazy, and he's recently gotten really into new tech gadgets (which is HILARIOUS to watch!). So the decision was made, and he loved it! It was really cool to see his eyes light up like a little kid :) After my dad's birthday dinner we went to Chris's aunt's surprise 60th birthday party! Her actual birthday is the 8th, which is also my grandma's birthday. Tons and tons of birthdays in July and August for us! All this birthday talk got me in ~gift mode, so I thought I'd share some of the stuff I'd love to get if it was my birthday (even though mine was barely a month ago, haha!).
  This druzy ring is gorgeous. Actually, all the rings in this shop are amazing. My brother in law got this one for my sister... for her birthday :)
Christine makes one of my favorite accessories ever, but this galaxy print one is perfection!
Yeah, I kinda need this sweatshirt from Skip n' Whistle. 
I really want a camera strap cover for my (sorta) new camera, and this one is lovely. 
Kate pinned this dress the other day and I'm obsesssssssed!
I tweeted the other day about finding my dream puppy just a few hours away. I'm dying for a blue (or silver dapple) mini dachshund! These two are melting my heart. But it's not the right time for us to get a pup, unfortunately. Someday :)

Today I have a little shorty shift at work, and then another family birthday celebration! Craziness...!
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A Baby Beach Day.

On Monday my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew visited our new house for the first time. We spent a little time at the beach and I snapped some adorable photos of Emerson enjoying the water :)
Emerson's hair is getting so curly! Cute cute cute. He had fun trying to eat rocks and splashing in the water, but it was super hot out so we didn't last long at the beach. We came back to our house and he busied himself with banging on the table and trying to catch the cat. Babies are hilarious :)

Today Chris and I rand LOTS of errands, and spent too much money buying birthday presents for family (lots of late July and August birthdays in our lives!). I also stocked up on more awesome stuff from LUSH, which I can't wait to test run and fill you in on. We're spending the night lounging on the couch and I'm pretty damn excited about it. We haven't had a quiet night in together for quite some time!
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